Rustic (Hot Cross Four)

When I posted the first art piece in the Hot Cross series, Crossroads, I requested input and constructive criticism.  I’m grateful for what I received.  My brother, in addition to his comments, also presented me with a challenge:

He wrote: “I’m hoping one uses mixed media of some sort to look like a rustic cross made from the wood in an old barn… Consider that a challenge put forth.”

To my mind and my eye, Rustic doesn’t look like wood or an old barn, but the colors are indicative of those weathered structures one sees when traveling down a lonely rural road.

Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 01
Quilting away
Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 02
Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 03
Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 04
Closeup and texture
Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 05
Rustic: The completed piece
Rustic (Hot Cross Four) 06
Poetry label

This piece incorporates burlap, with burnt edges, and hand dyed cheesecloth (not mine…created by Frieda Anderson – ).  The burlap and cheesecloth were anchored with single cross stitches using hand dyed embroidery thread (also not mine…created by Laura Wasilowski – ).  My Sweets suggested I extend the strip piecing beyond the edge of the quilt at the top and bottom of the cross to imply rough and rugged edges.

I’m not quite sure I like the final impact of those extensions, however, since this art piece began as a challenge from my brother, I incorporated Sweets’ suggestion as an additional out-of-the-box effort.

Please let me know what you think.  All input and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Rustic (link to poem)

Next up: A break from the Hot Cross series, but I’ll back to it soon.