Criss Cross (Hot Cross Five)

I finally returned to my Hot Cross series!  It was so pleasant to create art for myself rather than with the intention of creating for a specific exhibit.

Criss Cross is the fifth in the series and, frankly, I’m not satisfied with it.  I tried something a little different — no fusing, just strips woven together against a background.  As a result, the fabric, doing what fabric does, shifted.  I have this on my list of things to try again in different colors and with strips prepped with fusible backing to eliminate the shift.

Whether I’m satisfied or not, Criss Cross was worth making.  All experiments are worth undertaking.  Sometimes the lesson leads to a discovery of what you do not want to do.

Let me know what you think.  As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome.

Criss Cross (link to poem)

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5)

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5) - Detail

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5) - Poetry Label

Next up: Hot Cross 6 – a Celtic design