Studio Update: April 2019

Last month, I revealed (Feeling) Woeful, my first piece of the year.  I’m working in a larger format for 2019, roughly 2′ by 3′, so it’s taking a bit longer to finish a piece (having a job and regular life responsibilities do have an impact on my available studio time, after all).

This is a super photo heavy post.  In late March, I attended International Quilt Fest Chicago (their last year here! 😦 ) and took photos of the art that most appealed.  And in early April, I was in San Diego, so I made a stop at the Visions Art Museum and I couldn’t resist taking photos of those exhibits either.

But first…

I’m currently working on (Feeling) Passionate and am sharing progress photos below.  I always try to alternate between the catabolic and anabolic feelings for my work, from “negative” to “positive”.  So from woe to passion we go.  I hope you enjoy this work.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Photos from IQF Chicago – to be clear, none of these are my art –

Photos from Visions Art Museum, including Maria Shell’s work (none of these are mine, either.  Someday!) –

I’ll be back in a month with the full reveal for (Feeling) Passionate, or another Studio Update if my progress gets derailed.  Thanks for hanging around the studio with me.

What have you been up to?