Artist Statement

I create art quilts inspired by my poetry, using a variety of techniques including strip piecing, paper piecing, appliqué, embellishment, fusible, machine embroidery, and free hand cutting. I am open to exploring new avenues, like hand dying fabric, to add dimension to my work.

I believe quilts and poetry tell stories. One represents the world readers see in their mind when absorbed in a good book. The other is a micro tale, metered and measured to delight the senses in a lyrical way. When I write a poem, I see it, not just in the words on the page, but as a painting. Since I am not a painter, I use quilts to bring the poetry, the stories, to visual life.

In addition, quilting and poetry take me back to basics, easing me out of a world inundated with technology and a near constant barrage of information to movement at a slower pace. And it’s fun – both are like putting a puzzle together.

It is my hope that the viewer crafts his or her own story from my art — because life is made richer with stories.


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