Creative Practice Services

We can work together in any number of ways – it’s all about being creative, after all!  Here are just a few possibilities:


You know everyone’s supposed to be creative and you really want to believe that, but it feels like when they were passing out creative skills, you were overlooked.  This is a 20-minute online assessment, followed by a single 90 minute to 2-hour session done via phone or Zoom.  The session will occur 3-5 business days after you take the assessment.  During our call, we’ll discuss your results.  By the time we hang up, you’ll understand why you believe the way you do and you’ll see an open door to creative possibility.  You’ll come away with one or two actions you can take to get yourself reconnected to your innate creativity.

Investment: $750


You already know what you want to create but you’re not doing it, so you need someone to hold your feet to the fire.  All you really need is daily accountability to build your creative practice into a regular habit.  For 100 days, Monday through Friday, we’ll connect for 5 to 15 minutes via phone call, text, or email to check in on your progress and your motivation, and to shift you from excuses to action.

Investment: $3900


You question how creative you could be and you’d really like to find out.  What you want is to regain that playful freedom you remember from your youth and what you need is someone to help you do that.  Every week for 6 months, we’ll connect for 30 minute sessions via phone or Zoom so you can discover your creative gifts and start using them. In some sessions, we may even create side by side!

Investment: $5200


You’re already using your creativity and you’re ready to share it with others, but you’re scared.  You’re looking for support — cheer-leading and someone to talk to about those fears — so you can finally put your creative gifts out into the world.  We’ll meet once a month for up to 60 minutes to help banish those fears and celebrate your courage.

Investment: $7500

To learn more, let’s talk.  Our first conversation is always complimentary.  Let’s get creative!

Hilary coached me for almost 9 months and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I gained new insights and/or serious breakthroughs EVERY SINGLE SESSION. It was fantastic! I can’t even tell you how much I’ve grown through coaching with Hilary. I woke up excited on the days I had coaching scheduled because I KNEW amazing things were going to happen in the course of our session that day. Thank you, Hilary! You rock!!

~ Aimee B.

Hilary was instrumental in helping me make the determination to finally pursue my dream to relocate to Southern California.  She took the time to help me identify my goals and push towards them.  I am thrilled to say I not only reached my goal to relocate but also began a new career that will push me professionally.

~ Chris N.

I worked with Hilary at Harmony Coaching for 6 months and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Hilary assisted me with getting through some blocks and really seeing the light. She is compassionate, caring and she allowed me to get over stumbling blocks I encountered. I would definitely recommend her coaching. I look forward to learning more from her.

~ Dawn B.

Hilary is a great coach! She took the time to get to know me, to understand my values and learn what is truly important to me.  She guided me through conversations that helped me see the bigger picture so I could look at things from others’ perspectives which greatly helped improve important relationships in my life.

~ Anonymous

I was fortunate to have Hilary as my coach this year.  Prior to working with her, I had the unfortunate experience of my integrity being questioned and was in a place of questioning my worth at my job.  She helped me navigate through this tough situation and taught me how to recognize the true worth of not only what I do on a daily basis but my own self-worth.  She helped me grow and learn how to turn my negative thoughts and actions into positives.  For that I will always be grateful.  I am excited to to know Hilary and her company, Harmony Coaching, and will continue to refer her to everyone I believe will benefit from her coaching.

~ Sally H.