Celtic (Hot Cross Six)

The Hot Cross series continues with Celtic, the sixth in the group.  I’m not going to present any false modesty with this piece — I’m in love with it.  While the colors are much more subdued than my usual choices, I find them soothing.  They work in just the way I’d intended when I designed it.

I’ve carried a fondness for celtic knots and spirals for years.  It’s hard to believe it’s taken so long for them to appear in my work.  I enjoyed making this piece so much, I expect to include knots and spirals in a lot of future art work.

As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome.  Let me know what you think.

Celtic (link to poem)

Celtic - Hot Cross 6

Celtic - Detail 01

Celtic - Detail 02

Celtic - Poetry Label

Next up: Hot Cross 7 – Coptic






Criss Cross (Hot Cross Five)

I finally returned to my Hot Cross series!  It was so pleasant to create art for myself rather than with the intention of creating for a specific exhibit.

Criss Cross is the fifth in the series and, frankly, I’m not satisfied with it.  I tried something a little different — no fusing, just strips woven together against a background.  As a result, the fabric, doing what fabric does, shifted.  I have this on my list of things to try again in different colors and with strips prepped with fusible backing to eliminate the shift.

Whether I’m satisfied or not, Criss Cross was worth making.  All experiments are worth undertaking.  Sometimes the lesson leads to a discovery of what you do not want to do.

Let me know what you think.  As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome.

Criss Cross (link to poem)

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5)

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5) - Detail

Criss Cross (Hot Cross 5) - Poetry Label

Next up: Hot Cross 6 – a Celtic design



Sunshine Doodle

SAQA put out a call for art for the next traveling trunk show, with no jury or acceptance process.  The only requirement was the piece must measure 10″h x 7″w, no more, no less.  I thought it would be fun and quick to work on a small piece, one that would travel with the show for up to three years (what a great opportunity to get my work out there!).  While I was correct about the fun part, I was incorrect about the quick part.  Turns out, when one is working small, more detail (i.e. quilting) is needed to really make the piece pop, or at least that’s how it worked out for me.

When I was pondering design ideas, through both brainstorming and doodling, I kept coming back to a doodle I’ve been doodling since I was in about 2nd grade.  I’ve always called it my sunshine doodle.  The only thing different between the very first sunshine doodle and a more current version is the current version doesn’t include eyes and a smile on the sunshine.  Seriously, people, I’ve been drawing this thing for over 40 years.  You’d think I would have come up with a new idea in that time, but apparently not.

Sunshine Doodle - The Doodle

The doodle

So there really was no contest when deciding on my trunk show art piece.  After all these years, it was time for the doodle to become art.

Sunshine Doodle (link to poem)

Sunshine Doodle - Full

The art

Next up: Back to my cross series with Crisscross (Hot Cross Five).


I have a growing fascination with quirky, odd-shaped quilts.  My first was Hulk Smash, my second, Jeep on the Grill.  I had such fun making both of these, I want to make many more in non-traditional shapes.

I love making not square and not rectangular art.  I enjoy creating my art in the shape of whatever the piece portrays.

My most recent piece plays with mouths.  Or more accurately, lips.  Fiber lips, not real lips.  I’m not Hannibal Lecter, people.  (You’re welcome for that reference, brother.)

SAQA has a Call for Entry out for an exhibition entitled “Layered Voices”.  When I think “layered voices”, I think of tons of people talking over each other.  And I think of the multitude of voices that clamor from the timelines on Facebook and Twitter and across the internet and out of the television screen, dissenting opinions dominating the feed.  All those voices drown out the voices of those who need assistance.  There are so many people crying for help on this planet, probably more than are on social media worldwide, yet that voice, that largest voice, is drowned out by the demands of all the people who think their opinion is the only correct one.

I usually keep my opinion to myself.  Because it is just that — an opinion.  But here’s what I believe: media has become pervasive, over-arching, and contaminating.  So much so that opinions are formed based on whatever Media tells us to believe.

And I’m over that.  How about we listen instead to that voice buried under the nonsense?


I created ten mini lip quilts, in varying sizes, to complete Cacophony.  Each “mouth” speaks.  All are basted to a felt background, purely for presentation.  If this piece doesn’t get into the “Layered Voices” exhibit, I may just dismantle it and hang all the lips together from extra-large puppet handles.

As always, constructive critiques are welcome.

Cacophony (link to poem)


Cacophony - Detail 02

Cacophony - Detail 02

Cacophony - Poetry Label

Next up: A small piece for the SAQA Trunk Show.  Then I’m going back to making art for me instead of making art to try to get into an exhibit.

Lead with Love

In February, Yvonne Porcella, a pioneer in the art quilt world, passed away after a long battle against cancer.  Throughout that fight, she maintained a zest and energy and positive attitude that was inspiring to all who knew her.  I’m sure she had bad days and down days and days when she just wanted to give up, but from all accounts, she got up each morning, put a smile on her face, and conquered the day.

Yvonne had lots of friends in the art world and beyond.  One of those friends, Pokey Bolton, is hosting an art quilt tribute show in September and put out a call for entry this past Spring.  The call for entry to “Living Your Brightest Life: A Tribute to Yvonne Porcella” encouraged those who wanted to participate to share what it means to live a bright life, conveyed in fabric and thread.

This art quilt represents what living a bright life means to me.  The piece may not be accepted to the tribute show, but I certainly enjoyed making it.

As always, constructive critiques are welcome.

Lead with Love (link to poem)

Lead with Love - Detail

Simple quilting as rays of sunlight and around the hearts

Lead with Love - Full

If one leads with love, it bursts from the heart with the brightness of the sun and spills out into the universe

Lead with Love - Poetry Label

Every quilt needs a poem

Next up: An experiment in layering