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Welcome to Hilary Clark Studios!

I’m an Artist, creating feelings out of fiber. Through the art I create, most specifically my Feelings series, I discovered I could observe my feelings as I turned them into art. Through the observation, I learned each feeling has a lesson to share, each time we feel it.

Many times, our feelings hold us back from being who we’re supposed to be. When we can separate ourselves from our feelings long enough to investigate them, the feelings always reveal opportunities for growth. And when we learn the lessons our feelings are trying to teach us, we always discover Joy and Ease.

I’m a Writer. I share my whimsical, humorous, and occasionally deep thoughts as both essays and novels, publishing once a month here on my website. I’ve also written several children’s books and a few novels (unfinished and in progress). My intention is to see my books on the shelves of bookstores and libraries. From time to time, I may also share excerpts from my novels as I write them.

To read my essays or novel excerpts, head on over to the Essays page where you’ll find my most recent musings as well as an archive of older essays, from full reveals of my new art as I complete a piece to thoughts on joy, ease, gratitude, and other topics.

I’m a Poet. I’ve published a book of my poetry, available at Amazon and via the link in the sidebar. I typically write a poem to go with each of my artworks, then attach a copy of the poem to the back of the piece. All of my poetry can be found via the Poetry link in the menu at the top of the page.

Finally, I’m a Joy & Ease Believer. I believe living a life of joy and ease is our deepest purpose, to get to that place where happiness is natural and everything flows. Anything we want can finally be realized when we release the “hustle” to embrace, integrate, incorporate, and LIVE from a place of joy and ease. My creative practice is just one of the many ways I integrate joy and ease into my life and work.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!

You can see my art below. Most pieces are for sale.  Please click on the photo for a larger view, details, and pricing.  If you see a piece you must see more of, you can schedule a private virtual showing using the link in the sidebar.

If you’re already convinced you absolutely must own it, you can buy the original artwork straight from my Etsy shop.

To purchase reproductions of my art as prints, home decor, phone cases, and more, please visit my Fine Art America shop.

Thank you.

Feelings Series

Single Focus Work…

Earlier Work

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