Artist Statement

I create bright, bold, abstract textured fiber paintings, primarily focused on the creation of feelings in fabric. All of my work is intuitively based and created. Beginning with an abstract outline shape, I tap into my intuition to find the feeling that best resonates. Once defined, I select colors and cut free-form shapes. The shapes are fused in place to symbolize the sensations the feeling invokes within and are used to convey the tone of the emotion, either positive or negative. My work is densely stitched, offering visual texture to correspond with the textural experience of what it means to feel.

My work also inspires my poetry, which I use to tell the story of the feeling.  The poems are published on their own site,, and are also printed on fabric, then fused to the back of the textured fiber painting as the label.

I believe art and poetry express emotion. Both represent the feelings experienced as we journey through life. When I write the poem, I see it, not just in the words on the page, but as the textured fiber painting. The combination of the art and the poetry brings the feeling to visual life.

In addition, making my art and writing my poetry take me back to basics, easing me out of a world inundated with technology and a near constant barrage of information to movement at a slower pace. And it’s fun – both are like putting a puzzle together.

It is my hope the viewer gives him or herself permission to feel all the feelings with complete freedom, a lack of shame, and gratitude for the blessing of being an imperfectly glorious, living, breathing human.

Life is made richer when we allow ourselves to feel it.

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