Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Red (for Basil), Part 2 (Finished!)

This homage quilt to my paternal Grandfather could have been finished in a week if I didn’t have a day job. 🙂

However, because, like everyone, I have bills to pay and I prefer eating to starving, off to work I go.  I’ve mentioned I changed jobs in November; the requirements and obligations of taking on a new role are such that the time to balance my life with creativity has been diminished.  I’m working on getting that balance back.

In the meantime, I did finish Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Red (for Basil).  I think it’s my best art work yet (and that’s saying something because I’m pretty hard on myself).  Primarily pieced and fused, it’s the little extras like lettered beads to spell “transmugliforcandanbumshamity” and a scanned copy of the famous Basil that make this art quilt pop.  I kept the quilting to a minimum and think I’ve found a style that represents my voice.


Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Red (for Basil) ~ link to poem

Any Color - Basil - Finished 3
The first in four panels honoring my grandparents
Any Color - Basil - Finished 4
Minimal quilting. This piece didn’t need the density.
Any Color - Basil - Finished 2
The beads spell “transmugliforcandanbumshamity”, Grandpa’s invented word.
Any Color - Basil - Finished 5
The whales look 3D to me.
Any Color - Basil - Poem Label
Poem label
Any Color - Basil - Basil's Photo
Grandpa Clark


Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Green (for Lucille) is up next.

What inspires you?