Crossroads (Hot Cross One)

Each year, I set goals for myself related to my art.  I don’t do resolutions.  I do goals, with defined steps leading to achievement.  This works best for me — I tend to reach the end to which I strive.  In keeping with my updated goals for 2016, my focus for the year is to make twelve (12) art quilts.  This will help to develop my work ethic, a body of work, and to find my voice.  My art “voice” is sort of all over the place; the best way to find it is to keep making art.

For the first part of this year, I decided to work along a theme to see if that helps to clarify my voice.  To that end, I’m making a series of crosses — one is done (see below), the second is in progress, and a third is in the sketchbook.  I’d like to make six in the series.

Please help…What do you think or see or feel when you look at the photo of the art quilt above?  Does this visually resonate?  Is the piece soothing and satisfying or jarring, incomplete, unsettling?  Your input will go a long way towards helping me understand

Crossroads (link to poem)


Crossroads (Hot Cross One)
What do appeals to you about this piece? What don’t you like?
Crossroads (Hot Cross One)
Closeup #1
Crossroads (Hot Cross One)
Closeup #2
Crossroads (Hot Cross One)
Poetry Label

Next up: A Study in Blue (Hot Cross Two)