The Kite Perspective, Part 3

The Kite Perspective is finished!

I’m amazed at how pleased I am that I finally made this quilt.  I’ve carried the design in my head for close to a decade and to see it come to life was so satisfying.

I considered several options on how I wanted to quilt it.  Straight lines radiating out from the center, like a star burst?  Follow the diamond shape of the kite, starting in the center and grow the diamond as I neared the edge?  Or follow the abstract shape of each piece?

I went with option 3, the abstract shape because that was the finished product I could see in my head.  I used a cotton / poly Madeira rainbow variegated thread in both the needle and the bobbin.  I would have loved to use metallic thread, but I gave up trying to fill a bobbin after one epic, snared fail.

Stitching short strips of each of the fabrics used in the quilt top created the binding.  I used to have mad skills to machine stitch the binding to catch on the back, but those seem to have diminished with all the years of not quilting, so I hand blind stitched to anchor the binding to the quilt.  I added little “V” pockets at each corner on the back to hold dowels for hanging.  And, of course, added a tail because what is a kite without a tail?

I had such fun making this fun design.  I could see mass producing the pattern one day in the near future for others to make their own.

To follow the construction stages for this quilt, please see Part 1 and Part 2.

How do you feel when you complete something you’ve waited a long time to do?


The Kite Perspective (link to poem)

The Kite Perspective
The finished product.
The Kite Perspective
Closer in, so the tail can be seen a little better.
The Kite Perspective
Quilting closeup
The Kite Perspective
The poem label.

Author: Hilary Clark

Artist, Writer, Poet. Joy & Ease Believer. Aiming for modern renaissance woman. Will likely miss.

One thought on “The Kite Perspective, Part 3”

  1. It came out beautifully, Hilary! So glad you brought the ‘work in progress’ for us to see last week. Love the tail altho’ the pic makes it hard to tell it it’s made up of prairie points or if it’s a spiral?? So glad you’ve returned to quilting and will look forward to your future projects. Love, Mom xoxo


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