Joy & Ease in the Midst of Chaos

The last few weeks have been NUTS! When I last wrote, I’d arrived in Phoenix and started my new job. Since then, there’s barely been a moment to breathe. Until now. Until today. Which is why I’m back with an essay to share the joy and ease I found in the chaos.

Cross country relocation sometimes involves air travel, even in a pandemic

With gratitude…

Moving is always a crazy and hectic experience. When it’s a cross country relocation, there’s an added layer of stress. When we moved a year ago, from Chicago to Florida, I didn’t notice the madness because I was working for myself and, because it was the early days of the pandemic, my business was slow.

This time, the move included going back to work so time to settle in was limited to evenings. For the first few weeks, I stayed with cousins who were generous enough to open their home to a relative they hadn’t seen in at least 20 years.

I am so grateful to them both for making me feel welcome and cared for. I think, if I’d gone straight into a hotel, I might have felt a little lost in the new locale. Instead, I was greeted with open arms and lots of love. They were overjoyed to have me stay with them and I was filled with joy to get re-acquainted.

With trust…

During that same time, as I began settling into the routine of a “regular” job again, I also began the search for our new home. While the Big Guy and I have very similar tastes in houses, there was an underlying anxiety that followed me around as I toured homes he could only see via photos in the MLS listings or via FaceTime videos as I walked through a house. What if I fell in love with a house he hated?

Fortunately, he agreed with me when I found a house that felt ideal. We put in our offer, went through a round or two of countering, and finally entered into a contract. House #6 was the winner. We’ll close in early May and are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed in about a month.

With faith…

The day after our contract was accepted, I flew back to Florida to oversee the movers who were packing up our house. It was the first time on a plane since early March of 2020 and I was grateful for all the protocols the airlines and airports have put in place to protect the passengers.

The movers were awesome. Over the course of three days, they packed all our belongings and loaded the truck. They were personable, friendly, and we all had fun during the process. The truck arrived in Phoenix a few days ago and our stuff was transferred into storage until we can take possession of our house.

Packed and ready to load, the place looked like a bomb went off

The Big Guy joined me here about a week ago. He too has started work and is settling in well. We’re living in an extended stay type hotel and are looking forward to exploring Phoenix and the surrounding area now that the stressors of finding a home are behind us.

With joy and ease…

Moving is a crazy time, yet when you’re open to it, there’s so much joy and ease to be found in the process. Yes, I’ve been stressed. Yes, I’ve been anxious. Yes, I haven’t always slept as well as I’d like. But I haven’t allowed any of that to get in the way of enjoying the adventure that is moving across country, starting a new job, meeting new people, renewing old relationships, and living life to its fullest.

Joy and ease are our birthright. They are present even when our world feels chaotic and overwhelming. In fact, I’d say joy and ease are MORE present when the world feels chaotic and overwhelming. Those are the times when we need joy and ease the most.

All you need to do is stay open to the beauty, fun, and little things that make you happy and grateful when life feels nuttier than usual.

What is currently stressing you out? How could you find your own joy and ease in the midst of your chaos? If you’re willing to share, drop a note in the comments.


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Author: Hilary Clark

Artist, Writer, Poet. Joy & Ease Believer. Aiming for modern renaissance woman. Will likely miss.

One thought on “Joy & Ease in the Midst of Chaos”

  1. Love this! The pic of the house being packed up is all too familiar. Let’s hope none of us have to move again for quite some time!! Glad you are settling in. Love, Mom xoxo


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