Drinking from a fire hose

I’ve made it to Phoenix. Yay! And I’m swamped. I’d forgotten how much a cross country relocation resembles drinking from a fire hose. I’ve managed to eke out a few moments to write this weekly missive. Let me fill you in.

Photo by Greg Leaman on Unsplash

I’ve enjoyed one full week at my new job. The project may have barely begun but it’s moving at the speed of sound. Lots of moving parts as we mobilize and pull the necessary contracts and permits in place. It’s exciting, the work and the people. I’d almost forgotten how much I appreciate being surrounded by positive co-worker energy. Each day brings with it a little zing.

In addition to full work days, I’m also on the search for a house for the Big Guy and I to purchase. My cousin’s girlfriend is a Realtor and she’s doing a bang up job of finding listings for me to look at that meet our budget and our parameters. Phoenix is in the midst of a seller’s market so homes are moving at the speed of light. I don’t really expect to find our ideal home until early April, after the Big Guy joins me here in the southwest, however, I’m open to whatever the Universe chooses to deliver. I trust the powers greater than I to handle the timing for our dream house.

Between work and house hunting, there’s not much time for anything else. My art making is on hold pending purchase of a home and delivery of our belongings. I’m going to continue to try to squeeze out a bit of time to write a short essay each week, but if you don’t hear from me on a random Monday in the near future, know it’s not because I had nothing to share but rather because I was water logged from that fire hose.

While my schedule (and occasionally my brain) are a bit overwhelmed during this transitional time, I’m still finding the joy and ease within it all. Life is an adventure and I’m grateful to be living it.

With joy and ease…

These are exciting times for my art, my writing, my work, my family, and me. I hope you’ll appreciate the little updates I’ll share on our progress and the joy and ease we’re finding in this remarkable life. In the meantime, keep finding your own joy and ease. It’s what makes life fun.


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