New Adventures!

Last week, I wrote about patience as an exercise in BEING. That essay paid off. The thing I was anxiously awaiting, and diligently practicing patience for, came to be. And it’s an adventure!!

Me, excited for our new adventure. 🙂

New adventure? Tell me more…

First, about the whole practicing patience thing…writing that essay last week allowed me to release the outcome for the thing I was waiting for. As often happens when I let shit go, the Universe pretty immediately stepped in and hand delivered exactly what I was seeking. In fact, as I’m writing this week’s essay, I’m in Dallas, on my way to start my new adventure.

By the time you’re reading this, the new adventure will have begun.

So what is it, you ask?

Let me tell you!

We are moving! Again. After only a year. This will make two pandemic moves. The Big Guy and I are nothing if not willing to upend our lives in the middle of unprecedented conditions.

We are headed to Phoenix, Arizona from our most recent home in South Florida. I am returning to corporate work in construction as part of a team building a $2B project in North Phoenix. It’s a fast-paced project and I’m super excited to be a part of it. The Big Guy has also landed a position on the same project, which certainly simplifies this relocation. No one needs to find a job. Hallelujah.

Things I’ve learned…

For the past two years, I’ve worked full time to build a business as a coach, an artist, a writer. I did not achieve any financial success and yet, I don’t consider any of that time or effort to be a failure. I learned SO MUCH about myself. About what I want, about what I’m willing to do, about what I need.

Most importantly, I learned to find joy and ease in everything, including my work.

This single lesson is the one I’d been looking for this entire lifetime. There is joy in serving one’s co-workers and one’s clients. Being of service and making a meaningful contribution to society doesn’t always mean being your own boss. I couldn’t see that before I stepped away from corporate.

I see it so clearly now.

But what about art and writing and…?

I’m still going to write. I’m still going to make my amazing, bright, bold, abstract fiber art. I have to. These things are intrinsic parts of who I am. (Although I will admit I’m on an art making hiatus until we find a house and get ourselves moved in. I’m hoping to be back in the studio by May.)

I’m also going to go to work to help bring this Phoenix project into reality and be of service in that way. This too is an intrinsic part of who I am.

With joy and ease…

Throughout my corporate career, my motto was “give great customer service”. I considered my co-workers, my clients, the community, the contractors, the various agencies, and more to be my customers. I trained my staff to lead with service. Embracing service is what I do. Giving great customer service brings me joy and I’m thrilled to be returning to that work.

How do you find the joy in the work you do?


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