Studio Update: August 2019

Last month, I posted photos of my most recent textured fiber painting, (Feeling) Crushed.  Please follow the link to see it.

This month’s post is a studio update as it typically takes me at least two months to complete a fiber painting.  I’m currently working on (Feeling) Hopeful, an explosion of bright color.  I hope you enjoy the progress photos.

The pattern for Hopeful’s canvas
The canvas
Choosing colors for Hopeful’s design
And the zen stitching begins

I’ve also added a bit of embroidery work to my portfolio.  I’m extremely new to this type of art (I only know one embroidery stitch!); however, I’m enjoying the zen of hand stitching much like I enjoy the zen of machine stitching my textured fiber paintings.  I call this an embroidered drawing, as the design came from one of my sketches (and the tattoo I have on my right wrist).  What I like about transferring my sketches onto muslin via embroidery is it allows me to continue creating while relaxing on the couch in the evening with my guy.  We can pull up something on TV to watch.  He reads a little, I stitch a little, and we unwind from the day.  A perfect slow down practice.

Peace – An Embroidered Drawing
The sketch inspired the tattoo before it inspired the embroidered drawing

Future embroidered drawings will be created on much smaller hoops.  I plan to add more detail and way more stitching.

Next month, I’ll share the completed (Feeling) Hopeful.  As always, If I miss my goal to complete the painting, I’ll share another Studio Update.

Have you added anything new to your creative practice?  If yes, what?


My art and my work go hand in hand.  I’m a Performance Mindset Coach, helping stressed out, frantic, frazzled professional slow down and reconnect to their intuition so they can get their shit together.  I’ve walked the road my clients are on.  My method to slow down was through development of a creative practice, which helped me regain my voice and led me to want to serve others in the same way.  If you’re interested in developing (or expanding on) a creative practice as a means to reconnect to your intuition, lose your stress, and improve your professional performance, please join me over at Harmony Coaching.


Thanks for hanging around the studio with me!

Author: Hilary Clark

Artist, Writer, Poet. Joy & Ease Believer. Aiming for modern renaissance woman. Will likely miss.

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