Studio Update: October 2019

In my last studio update (August 2019), I mentioned it typically takes me at least two months to complete a textured fiber painting.  I finished my most recent painting, (Feeling) Hopeful, in late September, so the two month thing is on track.

The reason it takes me about two months per piece is because my goal has been to spend at least 3 hours in my studio each week.  This goal goes back to when I was working corporate and was not self-employed.

In the 6 months I’ve been working for myself, I’ve learned a few things.  While building a business takes work, it also allows for way more flexibility in schedule.  This means I can increase my studio time if I choose.

I did choose and am now shooting for 6 hours in the studio every week.  I schedule one hour of studio time per day on my agenda, after I’ve completed my coach work.  I usually leave Friday open, no studio time, which gives me float and an extra day if I’ve fallen behind with my commitment to my art earlier in the week.

I’ve only been doing this for a couple weeks, but I’m already seeing the creative practice speed up.

I don’t know what this will ultimately mean for a production schedule, other than it’s certain I’ll finish a piece in less than 2 months.  The ultimate aim is to produce one new textured fiber painting per month.

My current work in progress, (Feeling) Perplexed, is almost complete.  In fact, since October has five weeks, it will be finished by Halloween/Samhain.  I started it the last week in September, so it looks like I’ll hit that one month goal!  Full reveal will happen in November, combined with that month’s studio update.

For now, I hope you enjoy Perplexed’s progress photos.

What goal do you have that could be adjusted to create a bigger impact for you?

(Feeling) Perplexed – the template
Color layout in the design phase
The stitching begins…
And the stitching progresses…this phase takes the most time, however, is also the most satisfying.


My art and my work go hand in hand.  I’m a Performance Mindset Coach, helping stressed out, frantic, frazzled professionals slow down and reconnect to their intuition so they can get their shit together.  I’ve walked the road my clients are on.  My method to slow down was through development of a creative practice, which helped me regain my voice and led me to want to serve others in the same way.  If you’re interested in developing (or expanding on) a creative practice as a means to reconnect to your intuition, lose your stress, and improve your professional performance, please join me over at Harmony Coaching.


The majority of my work is for sale.  Please visit my Gallery for available work.

Thanks for visiting my studio!

Author: Hilary Clark

Artist, Writer, Poet. Joy & Ease Believer. Aiming for modern renaissance woman. Will likely miss.

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