Portals 1: Cosmos

Well, that took a hot seven months.

Introducing Portals, a new series.

This is Cosmos:

(c) 2022, Hilary Clark, “Portals 1: Cosmos”, Fiber & Paint, 23″ x 23″, $750

Portals 1: Cosmos
Hand painted with acrylic paint on commercial fabric, raw edge fused applique, densely machine stitched.

This new direction I’m going — painting on fabric, adding my fused applique bits, continuing with my signature dense machine stitching — is really enjoyable. Even if this piece took many months to create.

To be clear, it was the stitching that took a while, not the design. The design piece is always something that comes together in a short period of time for me.

I’m not complaining about how long Cosmos took to finish. I’ve released timelines and deadlines and expectations. I’ve relaxed into my opportunities to create because I’ve let go of the need to be creative all.the.time.

And in the letting go, I find my Light is freed up to better listen to my intuition and follow it where it leads.

With joy and ease…

I’ll continue to create, as it calls me, following this new direction. I think the next Portal will be filled with bright color. I’ll share it as it comes alive.


As always, I sign my art with a poem. Read “Portals 1: Cosmos” here.

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